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Freya Ergonomic Mesh Chair

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Freya Ergonomic Mesh Chair

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Easy Assembly in minutes
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Durable Mesh fabric
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Stylised Design aesthetic
Capacity up to 150kg

Desky Pro Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Dive into the pinnacle of comfort and sophistication with the Desky Pro Ergonomic Mesh Chair, a versatile and stylish seating solution that transforms any space, be it your home sanctuary or bustling office. This refined chair boasts a 3D knitted mesh back for unwavering support and moulded foam for a personalized, luxurious feel. The synchro tilt mechanism effortlessly adjusts to your weight, ensuring optimal posture during extended work sessions. Designed for up to 8+ hours of continuous use, the chair features a premium 9.5 cm thick high-density moulded foam seat with a waterfall edge design for enhanced comfort and improved blood flow. With height-adjustable armrests, a breathable mesh fabric back for cooling comfort, and premium rubberized castors for silent mobility, the Desky Pro is AFRDI Blue Tick Level 6 certified for heavy commercial use. Backed by a 10-year warranty and taking only 25 minutes to assemble, this chair seamlessly combines durability, style, and functionality, making it the perfect choice for a superior seating experience in any setting.

Dedicated Lumbar Support

Breathable 3D Knit Mesh Fabric

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism

Triple Certification


Dedicated Lumbar Support: to support the natural curve of your spine.

Breathable 3D Knit Mesh Fabric: Stay cool and focused with optimal air circulation from the chair's mesh back.

Synchro-Tilt Mechanism: adjusting to your movements for enhanced comfort during extended periods.

10-Year Warranty: enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty, reflecting our commitment to enduring quality.

Triple Certification: internationally recognized ISO and BIFMA certifications ensure quality and safety. AFRDI Blue Tick Level 6 certification attests to durability and adherence to AS/NZS 4438 standards.

Premium 3D Knit Mesh

Experience unparalleled support with the Desky Pro's 3D knitted mesh back, providing a stable foundation that goes beyond the ordinary. The intricately crafted moulded foam takes personalized cushioning to new heights, ensuring each moment spent in the chair is a harmonious blend of luxury and ergonomic design. Let the synchro tilt mechanism redefine your expectations, effortlessly adjusting to your weight to promote correct posture throughout those extended work sessions.

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All Day Comfort

Designed for those who demand more, the Desky Pro Ergonomic Mesh Chair accommodates up to 8+ hours of uninterrupted comfort, making it your ideal companion for productivity and relaxation. The premium 9.5 cm thick high-density moulded foam seat, featuring a waterfall edge design, not only guarantees superior comfort but also promotes optimal blood flow, allowing you to remain comfortable and focused for extended periods.

Cushioned Lumbar Support

Discover unparalleled comfort with our Ergonomic Mesh Chair featuring cushioned adjustable lumbar support. Tailor the lumbar support to your exact needs, providing targeted comfort to your lower back. The plush cushioning not only enhances the overall cosiness but also promotes a healthier sitting posture, reducing strain during prolonged use. With our chair, you'll enjoy a personalized and supportive experience, ensuring that your well-being remains a top priority while you conquer your daily tasks with ease.

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Features and Materials

1. 3D Knit Mesh: Durable, comfortable, and breathable, our chair's 3D knit mesh offers lasting support, plush comfort, and optimal air circulation for an unmatched seating experience.

2. Cushioned Adjustable Lumbar Support:Personalize your comfort with our chair's cushioned lumbar support, promoting a healthier posture and ensuring lasting comfort throughout your day.

3. Synchro Tilt Mechanism: Experience dynamic comfort with our chair's synchro tilt mechanism, adapting seamlessly to your movements for enhanced support and flexibility.

4. Height Adjustable Padded Armrest: Customize your seating experience with ease using our chair's height-adjustable padded armrest, providing tailored support and enhanced comfort for your arms and shoulders.

5. Cold Moulded Foam Seat Cushion: Experience superior comfort with a contoured seat, waterfall edge, and adjustable depth for optimal support and circulation.

6. Cast Aluminium Base with Rubber-Coated Casters: the chair features a sturdy cast aluminum base and rubber-coated casters for smooth and silent mobility, ensuring durability and effortless movement in any workspace.

Desky Mesh Chair Comparison Chart

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Chair Assembly



Material Aluminium, Steel, Plastic, Mesh
Caster Type: 60mm PU Caster
Colour Black, White, Coral
Weight Capacity 150kg
Dimensions 520-580 x 640 x 960-1045mm 
Adjustable Lumbar Support Yes

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