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Eliminate the hassle and high costs typically associated with office furnishing. At Desky, we streamline this process by offering well-crafted, long-lasting products alongside simple planning solutions.

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A Desky Desk?

At Desky, we lead the revolution in ergonomic office solutions, empowering businesses to transform their workspaces. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in every project we undertake, from comprehensive office fitouts to providing tailored solutions for retailers and tender applications. Our standing desks and ergonomic accessories are not just products; they're a testament to our mission to enhance workplace dynamics and productivity.

Our range of standing desks, designed with precision and care, are at the heart of modern, dynamic office environments. Built to accommodate the unique needs of commercial clients, our solutions promote a healthy, energetic, and inspired workplace. The longevity and reliability of our products, including our very first sit-stand desks, still in use today, underline our dedication to quality.

Discover the Desky difference in creating bespoke office environments that stand the test of time. Let us assist you in building not just an office, but an inspiring workspace that fosters creativity, productivity, and well-being.

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Accessories that matter

The perfect pairing of your sit stand desk and matching high quality accessories can further improve your productivity to keep you flowing through the day.

Our accessories are designed to mesh and work together to gain more from your Desky, keeping you active and on task.

From under desk keyboard trays that enable you to keep your wrists straight, to monitor arms and stands that optimise your screen position - Everything you need for comfort without compromise.

Add electrical outlets to keep power at your fingertips. Organise with a range of desk cable management options and keep on your toes with our durable anti fatigue mats, and more.

All the solutions to get the most from your workspace.

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The old way of sitting all day sucks.
This is the Desky high productivity way.

Bespoke Selection
We specialise in minimalist and highly productive office furniture with a niche range of speciality office products.
Easy to Assemble
We believe that no sit stand desk or accessory should create headaches during assembly, so we've simplified designs to reduce assembly time. Easy!
Bespoke Accessories
We pride ourselves on accessories to further compliment your work flow. Making your day easier and more productive.
Easy Support
We operate in-house customer support to help with any questions before, during and after your Desky purchase.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Excellent Desk
By far the most affordable sit/stand desk I could find. Affordable but also great quality. I was on the fence about how a sit/stand would help my productivity, but I actually find I can really dive in and focus on a task when I’m standing.

Desky Dual Sublime Teak - Andrew.

Wonderful!!! Highly Recommend It!
Thank you Theo & the whole team for making my dream setup come alive. The quality of the wood is amazing and your products are simply outstanding worth every dollar. The service is amazing and your product speaks for it self simply just amazing, Thankyou!

Desky Dual Red Oak - Thomas

Arguably the best packaged online purchase ever
I work from home full-time and was 100% over sitting down all day and being agitated and uncomfortable by the end of it until I found Desky. The tabletop is 100% solid wood I can assure you first hand that you'll not regret.

Desky Dual Pheasantwood - Andy

Wouldn't stand for anything less ;)
Absolutely thrilled about how the desk turned out. Operation is smooth and quiet and the price is really good considering others on the market that offer little to no warranty. Thanks Desky Dudes and Dudettes

Desky Dual Frame - Goran