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Desky Premium Wooden Laptop Stand

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Desky Premium Wooden Laptop Stand

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Desky Premium Wooden Laptop Stand

The Desky Premium Wooden Laptop Stand is designed to enhance your workspace ergonomics without sacrificing style. Crafted from top-quality hardwood, it raises your laptop to eye level, promoting a more natural posture and reducing strain on your neck and back.

Made from sustainably sourced wood, this stand is not only durable but also eco-friendly. It minimizes waste and repurposes high-quality materials to support your laptop securely. The laptop stand features protective cork feet to prevent desk marks and ensure stability. Its natural style complements any desk or office scheme, seamlessly integrating with your existing desky setup.


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5 Year Warranty on all parts

Ergonomically Reduce Eye Strain

Increase Airflow to your Laptop

Natural Style Solid Wood Finish


Protective Feet Ensures the stand remains stable and leaves no marks on your desk.

Natural Style design that fits seamlessly into any office environment.

Top-Quality Wood salvaged from our desk production for unmatched durability.

Spillage Safety raises your laptop above the desk, away from potential hazards.

Natural Ergonomics

The Desky Premium Wooden Laptop Stand isn’t just a stand; it’s a commitment to your well-being. By elevating your laptop, it aligns your sight with your screen, which is crucial for maintaining a healthier posture. This ergonomic alignment helps to minimize the strain on your neck and shoulders, reducing the risk of long-term musculoskeletal issues.

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sustainable solutions

Sustainable Support

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our desks to every product we create. The Desky Premium Wooden Laptop Stand is a testament to this commitment. Crafted from the same premium hardwood used in our desks, this stand supports your laptop with the strength and stability you can trust. By repurposing high-quality wood offcuts, we ensure that no part of our valuable resources goes to waste. Embrace a sustainable choice that benefits both the planet and your workspace.

anti-collision programmable height programmable height child lock

Zero Formaldehyde

Desky’s wooden desktop range contains no Formaldehyde resin in the manufacturing process. Meaning your home and office will be safe from any harmful chemicals.

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Zero VOC

Our desktops are air dried, coated with a single-pack lacquer and then air-cured before being packaged up. This process protects the beautiful natural finish of the wood, enhances its natural grains and tones and ensures there are no volatile organic compounds once finalised.



Desky promises that the highest quality materials and manufacturing procedures are met to ensure no harm to users young or old. All of our desktops meet Australian standards and cause no risk to any working environment.

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Our clean and sustainable manufacturing procedures maintain the highest level of engineering and craftsmanship resulting in an odour-free clean work surface that won’t stink out your office with a new furniture smell.

Sustainable, FSC Certified

FSC certified: Desky supports responsible forest management and is committed to producing quality products from quality materials that are backed by globally recognised certifications. We source our raw materials from suppliers who have been independently verified as compliant with a chain of custody standards, meaning that materials are produced using legally-sourced wood fibres from certified sustainably managed forests.



Material Steam-bent Birch Plywood, Natural Cork, Aluminium
Surface Finish Clear Polyurethane Hard Wearing Finish

Colour Birch, Walnut
Dimensions Length: 390mm x Depth: 224mm x Height: 172mm
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