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  • Desky Leather Desk Mat Medium 60x35cm - Desky
  • leather desk mat
  • Desky Leather Desk Mat Large 75x40cm - Desky
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  • Desky Leather Desk Mat Medium 60x35cm - Desky
  • leather desk mat
  • Desky Leather Desk Mat Large 75x40cm - Desky

Leather Desk Mat

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Desky Leather Desk Mat Medium 60x35cm - Desky
Leather Desk Mat

matte finish desk mat
Matte Finishmouse trackable
made from leather
Vegan Leatherlonger lifespan
water resistant leather desk mat
Water-Resistant prevent damage
protective desk mat
Desk Protection avoid scratches

Leather Desk Pad - Protect your Desktop

Keeping your desktop free from damage is important. Especially if you’ve invested in a decent desk! Our leather desk mat is large enough to accommodate a laptop, or your keyboard and mouse, with room left to spare. It is equally great for protecting your desktop from damage while you draw. It can also help prevent RSI, providing a comfortable place to rest your wrists while you work. 

The rugged matte surface is designed for not only smooth mouse movement - it is perfect for laser or optical mouse tracking. And anti slip backing keeps your desk pad solidly in position, so you never need to worry about your mat slipping.  

leather desk mat

Anti Slip Back

Vegan Leather

Spill Resistant

Smooth Tracking


Anti Slip Back so you can work confidently without any movement.

Vegan Leather for classic quality and durability.

Spill Resistant to prevent any stains or watermarking on your desktop.

Ice Smooth Tracking with padded, textured surface to optimise mouse movements and sensitivity.

Prevent Shoulder, Arm and Wrist Pain

It may sound simple, but having a comfortable place to rest your wrists on the desktop when typing or resting can save you a lot of pain. The more comfortable the best and most ergonomic position is, the more likely you are to maintain it. Padding your desk for when typing or your downtime could make more difference than you think.

chair mat shape
large leather desk mat

Large enough for all your needs 

That’s why we came up with our medium and large leather desk mat, which at 60/75cm should accommodate all your needs easily. 

The rugged matte finish is smooth enough that using your mouse is easy, but is also perfect for laser or optical type mouses.Besides the added functionality, the leather finish adds a touch of class to any workspace.




Finish PU Leather, Matte Rugged Surface
Design Anti-slip Back
Waterproof Yes


Medium 600 x 350 x 3mm
Large 750 x 400 x 3mm