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  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
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  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®
  • Desky Balance Board -Desky®

Desky Balance Board

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Desky Balance Board -Desky®
Desky Balance Board

Stimulates blood-flow
Anti-Slip reduce slipping
Activates core muscles
Fortifies healthy posture

Desk Balance Board For Home Office

Boost your wellbeing and productivity with our balance board: designed to keep you active, and your blood pumping, throughout the day. If you find yourself feeling sluggish at your desk in the afternoons, suffer from stiff joints, or want to strengthen your core, a balance board allows you to build low stress exercise into your work day.

Designed with dimpled foot pads for extra grip and to stimulate blood flow in your feet, the Desky Balance Board requires you to readjust your position side to side, stimulating the postural muscles and working the core while you work. In matte black, it’s sure to complement your office space perfectly, and built-in bumpers help aid stability and prevent damage to the board (and your floor). Our range of anti fatigue mats and balance boards are the perfect addition to your home office!

8.5 Degrees Of Movement

Non Slip Materials

180kg Weight Capacity

Textured Surfaces


8.5 Degrees Of Movement in either direction is enough to keep your core activated.

Non Slip Materials to help prevent accidents.

180kg Weight Capacity to support most users.

Textured Surfaces for grip and to stimulate blood circulation.

Boost Productivity And Energy Levels

Staying active during your workday has a range of benefits, but perhaps the most relevant benefit of our balance board will be the uptick you see in your productivity. Keeping your blood pumping during the day helps maintain energy levels, meaning you will still be going as strong at the end of the day as you were at the beginning.

chair mat shape
chair mat dimpled

Strengthen Core and Legs

Using a balance board helps you to double down on the benefits of a less sedentary lifestyle, by incorporating low stress exercise into your workday. Engaging mainly the core and legs, you can improve your strength in these areas without even noticing your doing it. As the legs and core are crucial to good posture, you might just see notice stature improving too!



Material PU Mat and Premium Plywood
Weight Capacity 180kg
Colour Black and plywood
Tilt Range 8.5° wobble, left and right
Dimensions 508 x 352 x 57mm
Anti-Scratch and Slip yes, protective layer