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  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount Black - Desky
  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount White - Desky
  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount Silver - Desky
  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount Black - Desky
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  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount Black - Desky
  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount White - Desky
  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount Silver - Desky
  • Desky Fixed CPU Mount Black - Desky

Fixed CPU Mount

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Desky Fixed CPU Mount Black - Desky
Fixed CPU Mount

Maximise Space remove clutter
Weight Capacity of up to 10kg
Max Size 40cm diagonally
Secure Design stop movement

Desky Fixed CPU Mount

Keeping your CPU secure is double important on a sit-stand desk. The CPU is the heaviest and most important part of your setup. So keeping it in place and free from damage when raising or lowering the desk is clearly important too.

The Desky Fixed CPU Mount is made from cold rolled steel for the greatest strength and durability. Easily fitted and removed, it nonetheless attaches solidly, and is completely stable once fitted. The mount is underdesk and should not be visible too often. Even so, it is still available in matte black, white and grey - so you can match the style of your office.

Cold Rolled Steel

Promotes Airflow

Straps Fittings

Screw Fitted Bracket


Cold Rolled Steel to keep your CPU totally stable and protected.

Promotes Airflow around your CPU to keep it cool and save your fans.

Straps Fittings with a huge height and depth range ensure any PC can be supported.

Screw Fitted Bracket to keep the PC firmly in place.

Designed For Sit-Stand Desks

Supporting your CPU under your standing desk makes perfect sense. Our under desk mount allows you to raise or lower your desk with no worries about wobble or cables snagging and stretching as you raise or lower the desk - the CPU will simply move with the desktop.

chair mat shape
chair mat dimpled

A Second Case For Your CPU

Steel panels help support and encase your PC, adding an extra layer of protection for the most important part of your work set up. Held tight by sturdy straps, with cold rolled steel shields on the outer side, your tower is completely safe from knocks and spills.



Material Cold rolled steel
Weight Capacity 10kg

Colour White, silver, matte black
PC Compatibility Height and Width 150mm to 540mm
Compatibility Please note that this mount may not be compatible with our smaller Dual Mini desks

Frequently Asked Questions

What size CPU can the mount hold?

The mount is compatible with any PC tower with a diagonal width of 40cm (that is, 40cm from the bottom corner to the top corner on the opposite side.

How much weight can a CPU mount support?

The CPU mount can carry up to 10kg - which should enough for even the most powerful (or the oldest) PC tower.

Will the straps damage my PC tower?

The straps are made of non scratch material, so you can be sure your CPU will be mark free.

Will a CPU mount help cool my PC?

A CPU mount can help cool your PC, if the vent outlets are on the back or sides. Hanging the PC under your desk will increase airflow around the machine, encouraging cooling. 

If your vents are on top however, the mount will no be suitable for your machine.