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  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
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  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
  • Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky

Clamp-On Monitor Riser

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Desky Clamp-On Monitor Riser - Desky
Clamp-On Monitor Riser

Work Elevated improve work
Screen Sizes of up to 32"
Durable design
Suits most screens

Sleek Clamp On Monitor Riser

If your neck hurts at the end of the work day, or if you find your desktop is perpetually cluttered and messy, our Clamp-On Particle Board Monitor Riser could be the answer to your problems.

No more neck ache, and no more rifling through papers to find your mouse. Our clamp riser will not only enable you to raise your computer screen to eye level, reducing eye strain and neck pain. Its design will also free up the maximum extra space on your worktop, allowing you to declutter your space and reap the productivity benefits associated with an organised workspace.

The heavy-duty clamps attach securely to any desk and the eco-friendly particle board is moisture resistant, giving you continued performance at a very reasonable price point.

monitor riser on a desk

Clamp Mounted

Steel, Melamine and Particle Board

Universally Compatible

Keep Your Desk Clear


Clamp Mounted for total stability and peace of mind.

Steel, Melamine and Particle Board combine to marry style and solidity.

Compatible with monitor sizes up to 32”.

Keep Your Desk Clear as no parts need to rest on the desk itself.

Total Riser Stability

Fixed to the desk securely with clamps, no other riser can claim the same level of stability. Coated in scratch free, grippy material, the clamp feet will hold your riser securely in place without marking your desk.

black screen riser

monitor stand

Perfect Your Posture

Raising your monitor to eye level will not only make your workday more comfortable - it could help improve your posture. The more time you spend in the correct position, the more training your postural muscles receive - giving you a better foundation, helping prevent strains and muscular injuries.




Material Steel, Plastic, Melamine covered Particle Board
Surface Finish Powder Coating
Colour Black
Dimensions 650 x 260 x 130mm

Height Range 130mm
Surface Thickness 16mm
Weight Capacity 20kg
Drawer No

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for my monitor?

The riser will fit any monitor on top as long as it does not weigh more than 20kg and the monitor’s stand/feet do not exceed the riser surface of 650mm x 260mm. 

Can this be used on any desk?

This monitor riser can be used with any desk as long as the desktop thickness is between 10-33mm to use the included desk clamp.

Do I have to drill a hole in the desktop to attach the monitor riser? How does it install?

The monitor riser simply clamps onto the back of your desktop and does not need require any holes to be drilled into the desktop.

Can I get this riser in other colours?

No, the Desky Clamp-on monitor riser is only available in black.View our full range of monitor risers for more unique finishes and designs.

Do you have this riser in different heights?

No, this is only available in 130mm height.

Can I attach a monitor arm to this monitor riser?

If you need to raise your monitor even higher again you can attach a monitor arm to the back of the monitor riser. The riser is stable enough to support this as long as the combined weight of the monitor and arm is less than 20kg. You may however find this causes your monitor to shake or wobble more.