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Desky Bamboo Balance Board

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Desky Bamboo Balance Board

Stimulates blood-flow
Anti-Slip rubber base
Activates core muscles
Fortifies healthy posture

Desky Bamboo Balance Board For Home Office

The Desky Bamboo Balance Board allows you to improve your balance and posture, strengthen your core, boost your wellbeing and can make you more productive. 360 degree wobble works your core in every direction, keeping your blood flowing throughout the day and strengthening muscles in your legs and back along the way. Consisting of an all natural, bamboo top board mounted to a moulded, balance and wobble optimised plastic bottom, the board is designed to stay perfectly stable when you stand on top, with just enough movement to keep your body working. Our range of anti fatigue mats and balance boards are the perfect addition to your home office!

Promotes Active Movement

Bamboo Deck, Match your Desk

Rubber Dome Base Provides 360° Movement

Increases Productivity

Stay Active Throughout Your Work Day

Promotes movement gets you off your chair and moving your limbs in a more ergonomic way

Beautiful bamboo deck platform with a molded plastic frame and rubber balancing dome. The bamboo will match your bamboo sit stand desk perfectly

Engages your core moving while working increases blood flow, concentration and brain power

Rubber padding protects your floor no matter how hard you're balancing

Reduce strain and any injuries caused by sitting all day.The perfect accompaniment to your sit stand desk

Become Balanced

360-degree movement means that our balance board engages not just the core, but all major muscle groups. The legs and back will strengthen over time as they make micro-adjustments to your positioning during the day, helping to improve and lock in good posture - and in the process protecting you from workplace-related injuries, strains and RSI’s. The increase in blood flow will boost your energy levels and help you to be more productive during the workday.

If you’re looking for a way to boost the benefits you are already receiving from your standing desk, a balance board is a cheap, easy and super effective way of doubling down on the positives.

bamboo balancing board



Material Bamboo, ABS, Rubber
Weight Capacity 180kg
Colour Black and natural bamboo
Tilt Range 10° wobble
Dimensions 600 x 355 x 70mm
Anti-Scratch and Slip yes, protective layer

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use A Balance Board With My Standing Desk?

Balance boards are an ideal companion to your standing desk, allowing you to double down on the benefits you are already getting from your desk. In the standing position, use the balance board for 20 mins at a time to help strengthen your core, leg, back and other postural muscles.

Is The Balance Board A Good Core Exercise?

A balance board is great core exercise, and allows you to continue working your core even as you work. The tiny movements you make to readjust your balance engage your core even when you don’t notice, but over time you will notice your core strength increasing. 

Can A Balance Board Help Me Lose Weight?

Combined with a healthy lifestyle and combined with your regular workout routine, a balance board can help you to lose weight. Keeping as active as possible during the workday will help to keep your metabolism firing, aiding your body to burn calories more efficiently. If you have the motivation to be performing exercises at your desk too, you can really drive home the advantage!